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equestrian portrait session with a girl and her pony

I’m still catching up on blogging sessions from earlier this year in Virginia! I know, I know…I’m slacking…but I’m almost caught up! Finally, Reilly & Jack make their debut on the blog with their equestrian portrait session. These two are such a cute pair! Reilly reminded me of myself when I was younger when horses were my whole world (…not that much as changed haha). After that first lesson, that first smell and touch of horse hair, that first time you trot, the first time your horse greets you with a nicker, you are hooked and will never go back to life without horses. Reilly definitely caught the horse bug and I don’t think there is anything better to be involved in as a young girl.

I’m so glad we were able to fit in an equestrian portrait session for these two at the last minute before I moved across the country! Although Reilly is leasing Jack, you can tell she loves him like he is her own. She takes lessons at a farm in southern Chesapeake, VA and was going to her first horse show the week after her pictures. So, naturally, we had to get some photos in her show clothes! I remember my first show jacket, jodhpurs, boots, and bows! It was so exciting to get ready to enter the show ring but also a little nerve-racking!

You may notice something unusual about Jack, he is missing an eye! That doesn’t slow him down one bit though! He lost his eye when he was very young, so he is used to it by now. He is one of the sweetest and safest ponies I’ve ever been around. Jack didn’t even look when horses in the field spooked and started running around…the world needs more ponies like that! We had a perfect evening for Reilly’s pictures and the whole family even joined in at the end! They were all so sweet and it was such an honor to meet Reilly, Jack and her awesome family! Here are some of my favorites from their session.

Reilly & One Eyed Jack’s Equestrian Portrait Session

equestrian portrait session with a girl and her pony

After about 30 minutes it was time to break out of the show clothes and bring out the cowgirl hat!

I wish I had photos at Reilly’s age to look back on now. They would be so priceless to me and I know Reilly will love having these when she is older and she looks back to her first leased pony and her first show outfit. It means so much to me to capture these special moments in an equestrian’s life.

I’m so glad the family joined in at the end for a few group shots!

We were obviously boring Jack at this point…he let out a few yawns haha!

Location: Chesapeake, VA

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