Taelyn & Brooklyn
Virginia Equine Photographer

This equestrian session was in the making for a long time! I had been wanting to do a session with garlands, flower crowns and white ponies forever and we finally made it happen, especially since it needed to happen before I moved from Virginia to Washington. Taelyn and Brooklyn have been in front of my camera many times before, but this was the first session dedicated to just pictures of them with their adorable little ponies.

These girls were practically raised in the barn so it was totally natural for them to have a fairy tale like portrait session with their flower crowns and white ponies. I know when they are older these pictures will be so fun for them to look back on. They will remember these ponies that molded who they are as riders and be able to share them with their own children someday.

Flower Crowns and Garlands

I took a trip (or two) to Hobby Lobby and got everything I needed to make the flower crowns and garlands. I had never made either before, so I was just winging it and I am happy with how they turned out! For future sessions, I would definitely love to work with a florist and use real flowers for the flower crowns and garlands. That would really take it up a notch and add that finishing touch to any equestrian portrait session.

I had so much fun with the girls and their “unicorns,” Leah & Fiat. They definitely looked like a page out of a fairytale! Taelyn & Brooklyn were troopers during the entire shoot, especially since the ponies were not the most cooperative they could’ve been. After all, we do like to call Fiat, “Fiat the Shiat” haha. Thankfully we had wonderful assistants (I couldn’t have done it without them!!), perfect weather, and that gorgeous glowy light of the evening sun. Here are some of my favorites from this dream session.

Flower Crowns and White Ponies

girl kissing pony wearing flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies

Even though Fiat was not as cooperative as we would have liked, he sure did look handsome!

flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies flower crowns and white ponies

This is one of my all-time favorites!

flower crowns and white ponies

Portraits with Rosco

We gave the ponies a break and had to get some photos with Rosco before the sun went down. He is the biggest sweetheart.

Black Background Portraits

Rosco also got his own photo shoot for some black background portraits.

black background equine portraiture of gray horse

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