Boy mom, dog mom, equestrian and photographer. 


Hey, I'm Catherine! I'm an equine and senior photographer based in beautiful Coastal Virginia, with my son, Tucker, and my bulldog, Dozer.

I specialize in capturing the special bond that only equestrians know exists between a person and their horse. As someone who has lost her horse unexpectedly, I also know how important it is to have quality photographs of you and your horse that can be cherished forever, long after they leave us for the sunny, green pastures in heaven.

My mission is to give equestrians the one thing I wish I had, but can never get: professional portraits showcasing the relationship with their horse that will last for generations.

Things I

The stealer of snuggles and the sensitive one. He is greatly missed.


The ruler of the house who doubles as a teddy bear. The "first born" who lives up to the title. Easily won over by butt scratches.


My absolutely amazing and adorable son who brings me joy every single day. He is a future class clown but also the sweetest little boy ever! I am so grateful to be his mama!



I'll never grow out of the "I love ponies" stage. Riding is an escape, a therapy, a lifestyle. #lifewithouthorses


Because, have you ever seen anything cuter than a wet puppy nose, a velvety soft horse nose or a big cow nose?! #givemeallthenoses

animal noses

coastal virginia

It will always be home, no matter where I am. It has beautiful sunsets, gorgeous countryside, lots of history and miles of waterways, not to mention my childhood memories. I'm also in love with coastal decor!


Not only do I collect Disney ornaments and decorate a 2nd Christmas tree with them, but I love Winnie the Pooh. Plus I love feeling like a kid again at Disney World!

red wine

One of my favorite ways to relax is to enjoy a good glass of red wine with friends and family. Wine tasting is pretty fun too ;)


the heart behind what i do

After my mare passed away very unexpectedly, I fell more into my passion for photography and I made it my mission to give other equestrians something I never had for myself: professional portraits showcasing the relationship with my horse, that only other equestrians can identify with. I don't want any other rider to regret not having beautiful portraits with their once in a lifetime horse.

Camera Bodies

Nikon Z6ii
Nikon D750
& Backup D700


3 x Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Pros
1 x flashpoint xplor 400 pro


what's in my


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