Our Washington Home
Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

Modern Farmhouse Decor

I’ve gotten so many requests for pictures of our house so I decided I would do a blog post to share photos of our Washington home! I was a little nervous about how our coastal farmhouse style would mesh with this super modern house, but I think it meshed well into modern farmhouse decor! To complete the look we did buy a new couch, coffee table, end table and kitchen table when we moved, as well as a couple new rugs, but still wanted to stick with our favorite coastal look instead of going modern. We figured those things will follow us back to Virginia in a couple of years where our coastal farmhouse style will definitely be at home. I’ll post links to the tables and rugs at the bottom of the post.

Our Washington Home

Here is a little tour of our new home! Keep in mind I am not a real estate photographer and don’t have a super wide lens but I did my best!

You’ll see Dozer and Axel throughout the post of course ūüėČ Also, I hope you don’t mind the football on TV in the pictures, you can tell it was Sunday when I took these!

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room

This fireplace is awesome! We use it way more than we thought we would, especially now that it’s getting cold. It also puts heat out on the other side where our covered porch is…I’ll share photos of that at the end.

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room Modern Farmhouse Style Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Modern Farmhouse Style

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Adams through that window above the sink. It definitely makes doing dishes much more enjoyable!

Modern Farmhouse Style

The downstairs half bath

Modern Farmhouse Style

This photo from our wedding is on the wall to the left when you walk in the front door and I love that we also see it coming down the stairs as well.

Moving upstairs…I love having our laundry room upstairs! Now I’m spoiled!

One of our guest bedrooms

…and the guest bathroom

Now for the master! One of my favorite things is the huge window above the bed.

You can also see Mt Adams from here…I’ll have to add a photo where you can see it later.

Our master bathroom is huge and I love the shower, where you can also get a peek at the mountain!

…the jetted tub is pretty awesome too

My second favorite room of the house, the nursery!

classic winnie the pooh nursery classic winnie the pooh nursery1 light and airy neutral nursery

And my office space <3

neutral home office inspiration

Ok, time to move outside! Here is the other side of the fireplace you saw in our living room earlier.

We are so thankful to have this awesome house in such an amazing place! Although we are away from friends and family, we landed in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!

New Items we Purchased

Here are links to the new things I purchased for our home:

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Teal Kitchen Chairs

Kitchen Rug

Entry Rug

Coffee Table

End Table

Living Room Rug

Outdoor Furniture

Here’s our awesome view of Mt Adams from our bedroom window

Mt Adams

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