Shannon & Jacob
Virginia Beach Military Homecoming

I have been so fortunate to be a part of so many military homecomings this year but this one was a first! Shannon contacted me way back in November and I am so glad she did because after she booked me, I had several other requests for the same homecoming. After a few date changes, which are always to be expected, and an extension, Shannon was happy to let me know that Jacob would be coming home with the fly off group! I was so excited about that because I had yet to be a part of a homecoming like that! Just the though of capturing those sweet moments right there on the tarmac was thrilling and I couldn’t wait to create lasting memories for these two.

The day of the homecoming was absolutely beautiful and, thank goodness, it wasn’t hot or raining! Once we met up on base we didn’t have to wait long at all until the plane arrived, which was actually refreshing compared to how most homecomings go. Shannon looked so gorgeous and I loved her hair bow and her Harry Potter themed sign! Once the plane arrived the service members slowly came off the plane and picked up their bags and we watched and waited for the first sight of Jacob. We slowly ventured out closer and closer to the plane and Shannon finally saw Jacob and ran into his arms! Here are some of my favorites from their homecoming and I just can’t help but to smile as a look back through their photos, they are so cute together!! Welcome home Jacob and thank you both for trusting me to capture these photos for you!

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