Lisa & Vinny
Equestrian Session - Virginia Beach, VA

Lisa received an equestrian session for her birthday from her husband and parents (talk about the best husband and parents ever!). Since her birthday was in March, we decided to wait a month or so until Vinny lost his winter coat (and for the weather to get itself together) to schedule their session. That also worked out better because poor Vinny had a pretty rough winter and had a shaved patch on his side where he had a liver procedure done, so that would give his hair time to come back in as well. As the weather warmed up, we set a date for the middle of May. Anyone who knows me knows that I love equestrian sessions so I was super excited to set a date and meet Lisa and her handsome gelding, Vinny, who just turned 10!

After having to reschedule a few times because of Vinny losing hair on his back legs and then again because of weather, we finally had a beautiful evening last week at Rideaway Farm for their session! Lisa and her husband Ron are some of the nicest people and Vinny is seriously one of the coolest horses ever. I loved his puppy dog personality and he couldn’t have behaved better as we led him all over the farm for pictures. One of my favorite parts about photographing people and their horses is to see their unique relationship they have with each other. Right away I could tell that Lisa and Vinny have a special bond. He trusts her more than any other person and is so relaxed around her that he tried to take a little nap in her lap during the session (I wasn’t exaggerating about the puppy dog personality!).

As always, I was so honored to be able to capture these special memories for Lisa and her family. Here are some of my favorites from their session.

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to my assistant and “ear perker”, Addie. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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