Published – The Gorge Magazine
Summer 2018 Issue

equine assisted learning in hood river or

I am so excited to share my first experience working with a magazine! First off, I have to thank the Rising Tide Society. Because of the monthly Tuesdays Together meetings with RTS, I met Jennifer Gulizia of Gorge Us Photography at one of the Hood River meetings who referred me for this shoot. Jennifer was asked to do the shoot and wasn’t available but she knew it involved horses, so she threw my name out and said it would be right up my alley. When The Gorge Magazine contacted me about it I was freaking out a little bit because I’ve never worked with a magazine before!

Published – The Gorge Magazine

published in the gorge magazine summer 2018

They needed a photographer for an article about Triskele Rivers and their equine assisted learning program. Of course, I was in! I got to go and photograph a small group of teens on the last day of their workshop. They started in the studio practicing mindfulness and ended in the pasture with the horses. It was so much fun to capture the moments of this special program.

equine assisted learning in hood river or

Because I was only there to capture things documentary style, these photos are a little different than my normal style. It was a fun challenge dealing with different lighting situations that I had no control over.

equine assisted learning in hood river oregon

I really enjoyed watching the teens interact with the horses. As I’ve learned from years of riding, horses have a lot to teach us…we just have to learn to listen.

equine assisted learning in hood river oregon

To read the article about Triskele Rivers, check it out in the Summer 2018 issue of The Gorge Magazine.



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