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I finally got my home office all set up the way I want it (only after a year of being in our new house)! It’s so important to have a clean and productive workspace for those of us that work from home. Being productive is so much easier to do when you are in a bright and clean area of your house that is dedicated to your work. It makes me so happy to have everything all organized and pretty.

The hardest part was finding a desk that would fit the space. After way too much time spent searching the internet, I found the perfect glass top L-shape desk on Amazon and it surprisingly didn’t break the bank! Somehow I got it upstairs and put it together all by myself (while being 6 months pregnant)! After I had the main piece in, the rest of it came together easily. I added a white chair, a white filing cabinet, and some finishing touches to bring everything together.

I’d love to add some more canvases of my work, but for now, I am just happy to have a pretty workspace. For those of you wanting to know where I got everything, I’ve shared links at the end of the post.

Home Office Inspiration

photographer home office inspirationlight and airy home office inspiration

Since this desk is glass, you have to use a mouse pad so I found this cute floral unicorn one on Amazon to add a little fun to my workday.

equine photographer home office inspirationhome office inspirationhome office inspiration

I had to add some cotton stems for a touch of southern charm.

southern home office inspiration

Getting a stand for my laptop has been a game changer! It’s so much easier on my neck and back and I even use it while working on the couch.

home office inspirationhome office inspirationhome office inspiration

I love the look of the white chair, I knew I needed to get rid of my old black one to keep with my light and airy office theme.

southern home office inspiration

Since the desk is glass you can use dry erase markers on it, so I keep a marker on my magnetic calendar for easy access for any notes I need to jot down when I don’t have paper handy.

home office inspirationneutral home office inspiration

I ditched the keyboard that comes with the iMac for one with a number pad since it’s a necessity for bookkeeping and it would take me 5x as long to get work done without one. I love the solar Logitech keyboard I replaced it with. It recharges from sunlight so you never have to replace batteries or charge it!

photographer home office inspiration

I’m so happy with how my little corner of the house turned out!

neutral home office inspiration

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  1. Geney Ross says:

    Awesome job! Perfect for the space and gives such a tranquil feeling emitting light even though there is no direct window view. Nice.

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