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An Organized Barn

Part two of my series in “An Organized Barn” is all about being organized. I have collected a ton of ideas to keep all of your horsey stuff in its place so everything stays organized and is easy to find when you need it. After all, half the battle of staying organized is having a place for everything…the other half of the battle is putting everything back in its place when you are done using it haha!

Here are some great ideas I found around the web to create a place for all of your horsey things! Also, check out my Pinterest board at the end of this post for a lot more awesome ideas!

Poles & Brooms, Shovels & Pitch Forks

I love these simple ways to keep your jump poles and tools all organized. Some large hooks and PVC pipe from Home Depot or Lowe’s and a drill are all you need! This will also keep the poles from getting covered in dirt and keep them away from moisture on the ground and your tools will always have a place so you know where to find them when you need them!


Dry-Erase Boards

Use dry-erase boards for things like feeding and supplement charts, turnout charts, trailer/horse show checklists, and a monthly calendar that shows farrier appointments, lessons, group trail rides and events so everyone stays on the same page!


Bit Organization

A wire rack with hooks from Home Depot or Lowe’s is great to keep your bits organized! You can find a ton of things like this in the closet organization section in your local hardware store. None of them are meant for horse things…but get creative and you will be surprised how many of them work perfectly for the barn!


Travel Saddle Stand

While we’re at it, you might as well get your car organized too. You spent a lot of money on that saddle, don’t just throw it around like a pair of old shoes! I love this saddle stand for your vehicle so your saddle doesn’t get scratched up when taking it from place to place. Make your own, or buy one here!


Wraps & Fly Spray

Use velcro or a wire rack to keep wraps, boots and fly spray organized and right outside of your stall for easy accessibility.


Tack Rooms

Use drawers in your tack room to hide clutter for a neat and organized look.

Build shelves, buy Rubbermaid containers and a label maker and go to town!


Wash Stalls

This idea for the overhead hose in a wash stall is one of my favorites!! Another great way to keep your wash stall organized is to build a corner shelf and install some towel racks so all of your bathing supplies have a place.


I found a lot of great organization ideas that I didn’t share in this post.

See my Pinterest Board full of Barn Organization Ideas for more inspiration!


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