Mingying & Brandon
Military Homecoming

Welcome home to all of the service members that were aboard the USS Kearsarge! I was so honored to be there to capture Mingying welcome home her husband, Brandon, especially after all of the planning she put into it! Mingying is currently a student at Wesleyan College in Georgia and even though it was going to be in the middle of finals, she was determined to make it to her husband’s homecoming! After the date changed at the last minute (I know, we are all surprised right?) she had to cancel her flight and drive up instead. Thankfully everything worked out and she was able to make it to Norfolk to welcome Brandon home!

Mingying arrived late the night before the homecoming after driving through some strong storms that have been coming through lately. Thankfully the storms didn’t hang around, but the rain did. When we met at the pier the next day, armed with our umbrellas, I was hoping we wouldn’t be standing in a downpour for the next couple of hours. We were so happy when the steady rain turned into a light drizzle and by the time the service members were starting to come off the ship the sun was trying to peak through the clouds!

Mingying is so sweet and I had a great time getting to know her as we waited for Brandon to get off the ship. Here are some of my favorites from their homecoming session!

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