Homemade Rain Rot Ointment Recipe
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With all of this lovely rain we have gotten lately I figured this would be a great time to share my homemade rain rot ointment recipe. My mare used to always get rain rot like clockwork! I hated it and no product I bought would ever really get rid of it. My awesome vet gave me a recipe to make my own mixture that would get rid of rain rot and it has worked better than anything I had ever purchased from the tack shop! Since I know I am not the only one who has struggled with this I want to share this recipe with you. It is a little messy but it works! To read up more on rain rot and for tips on preventing it, visit this article here.

This homemade ointment combines antifungals, antibiotics, corticosteroids and zinc oxide so it pretty much covers all of the bases. You can gather all of the ingredients with a quick trip to a drugstore and tack shop or my favorite…Amazon! You may even have some of these items already laying around the house or barn.

Shopping List:

1 tube miconazole

1 tube triple antibiotic ointment

1 tube hydrocortisone cream

4oz Desitin (or 1/4 of a 16oz tub)

4oz Fura-Zone (or 1/4 of a 16oz tub)

1 sealable container or jar (at least 15-20oz)

1 stirrer

rubber gloves

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Once you have gathered all of the ingredients and supplies, simply mix together the miconazole, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, Desitin and Fura-Zone in a bowl or sealable container. Before applying the ointment to the infected area, give your horse a bath to help loosen and remove the scabs. It’s a bonus if you use Eqyss Microtek Medicated Shampoo as well to create the healthiest environment for healing. Once completely dry, apply the ointment using rubber gloves, rub into the infected areas. Keep the sealed container in a cool dry place like you would with any other ointments or medications. *I am not a vet. You should consult your veterinarian before using this ointment on your horse.*

Don’t put anything that has touched the infected area back into your ointment container. Also, sanitize all of your brushes, saddle pads, wraps etc. and do not use them on other horses. Throw away the rubber gloves once the ointment has been applied and use new rubber gloves each time you apply it. Usually, in just a day or two you will see a major improvement. Reapply the ointment as needed. Every horse is different, but if your horse is healthy, this ointment works like magic!


I hope this was helpful! If you have any other tips for dealing with rain rot share them in the comments below. Check back for other helpful tips and tricks coming soon in my new Horse Lover’s Blog Series and feel free to share this post with your horsey friends!


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