Sydney 2016
Senior Portraits, Chesapeake, VA

Sydney survived lightening and heavy rain, grasshoppers, spiders and to top it all of…a dead mouse. It was an adventurous senior session to say the least. The first day we had planned for the session we got stormed on after only about 15 minutes of shooting time! Not only did it rain…there was thunder and lightening! We were hoping the storm would blow over but water quickly began to puddle up and I knew it wouldn’t be a pretty sight when it finally stopped, so we decided to continue the session another day when we wouldn’t risk getting soaking wet and muddy. On the day of the rescheduled session we had great weather at a little farm in Hickory!

Sydney is a senior at Grassfield High School and will be attending ODU next fall to study physical therapy. She currently plays soccer and will also be on the soccer team at ODU. Go Monarchs! I had a great time getting to know Sydney and wish her a wonderful senior year! Thank you so much for allowing me to create these images of this pivotal time in your life.

Sydney wanted a few pictures with her sister, Samantha, since Sydney was in a couple of Sam’s when they did her senior photos a few years ago. I loved their matching wedges!

She thought she couldn’t pull off the model face but I think she totally rocked it!

We had to have some shots in the hay loft, so I brought Sydney up there and instructed her where to stand etc. Of course right where she needed to sit was a dead mouse! She was such a good sport about it…anything for pictures right?!

Anytime you are in the country, you might as well take up the opportunity to get your picture taken on a John Deere tractor!

Sydney, you are so gorgeous! Enjoy your senior year and good luck as a Monarch next fall!

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