Audrey & Brian
Norfolk, VA Military Homecoming

I think Audrey & Brian’s Norfolk, VA military homecoming was the first military homecoming I’ve photographed where the date and time didn’t get changed after it was set…crazy, I know! It was one week before Labor Day at the Norfolk International Airport at 10:30pm. Audrey and her girls were so sweet, adorable and fun to hang out with while they patiently waited for Brian’s arrival. Homecomings touch my heart every time and this one was no different! I just loved seeing the girls’ reactions when they finally saw their daddy and took off running towards him! Here are some of my favorites from this sweet family’s homecoming.

Audrey & Brian’s Norfolk, VA Military Homecoming

virginia military homecoming photographer

The girls needed an apple juice break…waiting is hard work!

How cute are they?

I love getting group shots so the families can look back and remember who else was there on this special day.

Patiently waiting…and waiting…and waiting

“because the juice is worth the squeeze”

Finally, here they come!!

That first hug is oh so sweet!

This is one happy family!

Audrey, thank you for allowing me to capture your family’s sweet homecoming and thank you for the sacrifices you and your family make for our country!


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