Maggie 2017
Equine Senior Session - Virginia Beach, VA

When Maggie’s mom contacted me about doing her senior pictures and then mentioned they were on a time crunch because the horse she is leasing has to go back at the end of the month, my heart fluttered! Capturing seniors at this special time in their lives is something I love, but what I love even more is capturing people and their horses, so this session was literally a dream! This session was also close to my heart because Maggie previously owned a horse that she never got professional pictures with, just like my story with Bree.

Maggie rides at Roseoldian Farm in Virginia Beach, so we did her session there around the farm with Cole, the handsome bay gelding she is leasing. The weather this time of the year is always hard to work around with afternoon thunderstorms that pop up out of nowhere. For a week before their session I checked the forecast every day and the chance of storms was looking pretty good. On the day of her session, the forecast changed and it looked like we weren’t supposed to get storms at all! Woohoo!

As I headed out to Pungo I saw dark clouds in the distance but when I pulled up the radar, nothing was showing up…so I kept my fingers crossed that the weather men were right (haha!). As soon as I pulled up to the barn it started sprinkling..but it didn’t last long! We carried on with her session as planned until it started lightening with loud thunder following each bolt! Maggie and Cole get extra bonus points for braving the passing storms!! We finished her session just in time before it started pouring!!

I love Cole’s playful in-your-pocket personality and he was such a good boy for being a youngster and dealing with the scary thunder and lightning. Also, major props to Maggie’s mom for being my “ear perker”! Maggie will start her senior year at Norfolk Academy at the end of the month. It was such an honor to work with Maggie and create these photos for her. I wish her a fun and exciting senior year and success in her future endeavors!

Cole picked a sunflower for her…so of course we had to use it in the pictures!

Location│Roseoldian Farm, Virginia Beach, VA


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