Winter Wonderland Photos
Christmas Card Photo Inspiration

Since this is our first year in Washington and we haven’t sent out Christmas cards in a few years, I knew we had to get some photos in the snow to send back to Virginia! When our friends Chris & Mandy came up to visit us last month we planned a little trip to Mt Hood to swap photos. My original idea was to go to Frog Lake, but when we arrived we couldn’t even drive down the road to get to the lake because of all the snow! They had closed the park earlier than normal this year because of the snow they had gotten. We left Frog Lake and headed out to find another spot that would work for the winter wonderland Christmas photos I had imagined. This included driving down a side road covered in snow, seeing a Subaru pull out a lifted Jeep that was stuck (okay, maybe we won’t make fun of Subarus anymore), and three dogs that couldn’t contain their excitement in the back of the car.

Finally, we decided to just pull over on the side of the road and make this location work. It ended up being perfect and there was way more snow than we thought there would be! The dogs got completely covered in snow before pictures and it was all sticking to their Christmas sweaters haha. I was definitely not expecting snow up to the top of my boots!

As we are packing our bags to head to Virginia for Christmas, check out our adventures in the snow! I should note that we don’t have any snow at our house yet…this is about 45 minutes to an hour away…but I’m sure it will be here soon! Here are some of my favorites from our little snowy photo swap with Chris & Mandy.

Winter Wonderland Photos

Dozer let Ted borrow his sweater for their pictures 🙂

Definitely my favorite!

Thank you so much, Mandy, for taking our first Christmas card photos in the PNW!



Photographers: Catherine & Mandy

Location: somewhere off the side of Hwy 35 near Mt. Hood

Dog Sweaters: Chewy.com – Dozer’s & Axel’s

Justin’s Sweet Scarf (that Chris was totally jealous of): Amazon

Catherine’s Scarf: Amazon



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