What to Wear for your Equestrian Portraits

what to wear for your equestrian portraits

What to Wear for Equestrian Portraits

If you have booked your equestrian session, AWESOME! I am so excited to work with you and your horse! Now you might be thinking, what in the heck do I wear?! This post will give you some pointers on what to wear for equestrian portraits.


1. Wear something that makes you feel confident.

The worst thing to wear for a photo session is something that you don’t feel beautiful in! Choose a few different outfits that show off your best features. You should also pick clothing that is comfortable. Most likely we will be walking around a lot with your horse and even posing on your horse, so being comfortable in your clothes will make your session much more enjoyable!



2. Choose your colors wisely.

You can have outfit changes during your session, so pick out a variety of colors for different looks. Keep in mind the color of your horse when choosing your outfits. If you have a dark brown or black horse usually wearing brown or black isn’t the best idea, unless that is the look you’re going for. Choose a color that contrasts and compliments your horse’s coat instead of blends in. On the other hand, a light colored horse paired with light colored clothing can make a session look light, airy and dreamy. It’s all about your taste and what you like! Also, think about coordinating outfits if you will have more than one person in your pictures.


3. Show clothes or casual?

It is personal preference whether you want to wear your show clothes or casual clothes. Of course you have the option to do both as well. The most common is casual clothes, but you can always sport your show clothes for just a few poses and then do the rest of the session in casual outfits. This is all about you! So make sure you are planning your outfits according to what your vision is for your session.

what to wear for your equestrian portraits


4. Think about accessories and shoes.

When picking out accessories, again choose colors that compliment your outfit and your horse. For example, if your horse is chestnut, wear a belt the same color to really make your shoot look professionally styled. If you want a pop of color, use jewelry and tie it in with other parts of your outfit. When it comes to shoes, follow those same guidelines but don’t forget you can also go barefoot!

what to wear for your equestrian portraits


5. Look your best with hair and makeup.

I recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done. The pros know how to make you look and feel your best in front of the camera. Also don’t forget to remove chipped nail polish on fingers and toes if you don’t want to wear any, or come with them freshly painted to coordinate with your outfits!

what to wear for your equestrian portraits


6. Pay attention to patterns.

When choosing an outfit, be careful not to pick out something with a pattern that is too busy or that has very small details, like tiny checkers or very small plaid, which tend not to photograph well.

what to wear for your equestrian portraits


7. Be you!

If you love to dress up and be fancy, wear a dress and glam it up! If you aren’t normally a glam girl, stick with your comfy jeans and boots. If you like both, bring both types of outfits! Your photos are all about capturing the best version of you, not trying to look like someone you don’t recognize.

what to wear for your equestrian portraits


8. Check out Pinterest.

If you are anything like me, I need all the fashion help I can get and I am a very visual person…so seeing examples makes a world of difference! To help you out I have created an entire Pinterest board dedicated to outfit ideas! Check it out here and get those outfit ideas flowing 🙂

equestrian session outfit inspiration

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