Kaitlin & Tyler
Military Homecoming

Kaitlin contacted me about photographing the return of her boyfriend, Tyler, to her and his parents after his 6 month deployment on the USS Montpelier. I was so excited because this would be my first submarine homecoming, plus I just love capturing homecomings anyway!

We were so thankful that the weather cleared up so not only the sub could make it in safely, but also so we had better weather to wait in, because earlier that morning we had rain, sleet and snow (not necessarily in that order)…yuck! We happily dealt with the cold temperatures and sunshine that prevailed later in the day.

After the original time was pushed back by a few hours because of poor visibility, family members, friends and news crews all met by the pier and anxiously awaited the return of the sub. When it was finally time to welcome Tyler home, so many emotions poured out. Here are some of my favorites from their homecoming session!

Finally, we were allowed to go out onto the pier to welcome the sailors home…which of course involved more waiting!

After seeing many others welcome home their sailors, Kaitlin finally sees Tyler come out of the sub…with a dozen roses!

She couldn’t contain her excitement and was jumping up and down!

At last they were in each other’s arms!

Kaitlin’s sign had some of the lyrics to their favorite song on it. <3

Kaitlin, Tyler, & Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these memories for you! I truly enjoyed getting to know you in the short time we had together.

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