North Carolina Equine Photographer
Allison, Max & Lefty

Allison with her horses Max and Lefty were amazing during their session in Castalia, NC during one of the hottest days of the year! This session was a special one because Allison is about to leave for law school and wanted to capture her bond with her horses, as well as the bond her horses have with each other before she left. The Quarter Horses, Max and Lefty, are very close because Lefty is blind and depends on Max to get around. Lefty was rescued by Allison and he has ERU, a progressive eye disease that could eventually lead to having both of his eyes removed. Allison wanted to capture him with both eyes still intact.

I was so honored that Allison reached out to me to travel down to the beautiful farm where she keeps her boys in North Carolina. Although we had to battle the heat, we had beautiful light and no rain, so we couldn’t complain too much. Here are some favorites from this special equestrian portrait session.

North Carolina Equine Photographer

Chestnut quarter horses pictures with my horse quarter horses

I could tell right away how much love Allison has for these guys.

north carolina equine photographer

These guys are the sweetest.

north carolina equine photographer

Snuggling is encouraged during every equine session!

north carolina equine photographer north carolina equine photographer

What a trio these three are.

north carolina equine photographer north carolina equine photographer

Allison, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your special bond with Max and Lefty and get to witness the relationship they have with each other. I know you will cherish these photos forever!


Location | Fishing Rock Farm – Castalia, NC




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