Meet Dozer – The Olde English Bulldogge

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen Dozer before. He even has his own hashtag #DozerTheOEBD…you should check it out if you haven’t already! Anyway, back to the point…I figured since I’m always posting pictures of my dogs I should give them a proper introduction on the blog! After all, since we don’t have any children, our dogs are our children..if you couldn’t already tell. And since Dozer is the oldest, naturally, he gets to go first.

A little back-story first…I have always been an animal lover and have always had some kind of pet…from hamsters and rats (yes, I said rats) to cats, dogs and horses. When I moved out with Justin it was the first time I didn’t have an animal in the house and our landlord’s policy was no pets. It just didn’t feel right not having a pet to take care of at home! It had gotten to the point where I wanted to ask the landlord if I could at least have a ferret just because I needed some kind of animal in the house to love on (and ferrets are so adorable) but I never did! Justin and I are both huge dog lovers and just couldn’t stand not having a dog any longer so, after proving to the landlord we were responsible tenants, Justin was able to convince him to give us the go ahead to get a puppy! {insert happy dance here}

One of our friends had an Olde English Bulldogge that we just loved! He had the best personality and was exactly what we were looking for in a dog, so we started the search for our first puppy! I was browsing online classified ads in our local newspaper one Sunday back in 2010 while we were watching football and found an ad for Olde English Bulldogge puppies for sale. We stopped what we were doing and drove to go see them right away!

When we got there, all of the puppies were in a room barricaded from the rest of the house by a baby gate. As we came up to the baby gate a little brown and white puppy, which the breeder had named “Jumbo” because he was the biggest of the litter, came barreling over all of his brothers and sisters and plopped his big front paws up on the gate to say hi. Needless to say, that little puppy came home with us that night. He definitely picked us, instead of us picking him.

We decided to name him Dozer and couldn’t wait to get him home! Since we hadn’t actually planned on getting a puppy that day, we didn’t have a dog bed, crate or anything ready so I made a little makeshift bed for him on the floor in our room next to our bed and he slept all night without a peep!

Here are a few pictures of Dozer the night we brought him home. He was 10 weeks old! Side note: sorry for the poor quality cell phone pictures in this post…it makes you appreciate how far they’ve come in the last 6 years!

Dozer has been such a perfect fit for our little family. And even though as a puppy he ruined two laptops, a few pillows, shoes, computer cables (…the list goes on) and costed us thousands at the vet, he is the best dog we could’ve ever asked for!

He is the dog that has “his” spot on the couch and if you are in it, he will sit and stare at you while he whines until you invite him up to cuddle with you. He is the dog that knows when you aren’t feeling well, so he snuggles up closer to comfort you. He is the dog that uncontrollably drools when there is any kind of food around. He is the dog who knows exactly when dinner time is. He has the cutest little docked tail that never stops wagging, and when it wags his whole butt shakes…we call him wiggle butt! He is the dog that will forever have our hearts!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Dozer over the years.

He loved sleeping on the shoe pile for a while haha

There is no doubt he’s been spoiled rotten his whole life!

They both look so young in this picture!

Camping at Cherrystone!

Justin taught him how to “chest bump”

Of course he came along with us for our engagement pictures taken by Valerie Demo in Cape Charles, VA!

He hates water…unless it’s water mixed with mud…then he loves it!

I’d say this is a typical reaction to a snow day in Hampton Roads…

Mister Snaggletooth

He is always the protector of the house…snaggletooth and all 🙂

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