Life Without Horses…I Don’t Think So!
The story behind my tag line

Catherine Michele Photography specializes in photographing equestrians and their horses. “Life without horses…I don’t think so!”


Life without horses…I don’t think so!


Have you seen this tagline or hashtag and wondered…wtf?! If so, read on and I’ll explain!

I want to share my heart, my story, and my “why” behind my equine photography and this little tagline is a small part of it.

My mom got this pillow for me YEARS ago when I was just a horse-crazy teenager and of course, it came with me when I moved out (notice it didn’t make it through Dozer’s pillow-chewing-puppy-days unscathed).

The saying on this pillow “Life without horses…I don’t think so!” ended up being a topic of conversation when people saw it and it quickly became the running joke during gatherings (since I had it proudly displayed on the couch).

Back then my mare, Bree, was still alive and I was riding everyday and the barn was my second home, so there really was no life without horses, no matter how much my non-horsey friends laughed at it.

After Bree passed away very unexpectedly and I fell more into my passion for photography, I made it my mission to give other equestrians something I never had for myself.

I don’t want any other rider to regret not having professional portraits showcasing the relationship with their horse. I always planned on having bridal portraits taken with Bree, but never had the chance. She passed away 3 days after I got engaged.

I still wanted my bridal portraits taken with a horse, so I had them done with the mare I was riding at the time who was owned by a good friend.

My wedding photographer, who was amazing (but not a horse person) did my bridal portraits. The portraits of just me were amazing and she posed me so well. But, not being a horse person, she didn’t understand how the horse should look and be posed (see how much Alley “enjoyed” my bridal session below).

life without horses i don't think so

This was the point where I knew I had to use my passion and talent to serve equestrians. I knew how horse people want their horse to look, I knew the images they wanted to have captured, I knew the bond they feel with their horse.

I have felt called to this purpose for a very long time. I am so glad I took the plunge and have created this business to serve equestrians! Even when I don’t have my own horse, or have the time to ride, this is my way of still staying in the horse world, so there really isn’t life without horses for me!

It’s a big story for such a little pillow and I will share Bree’s story more in-depth someday. But for now, I wanted to share this part of my heart and one of the reasons I am so passionate about creating beautiful portraits of you and your horse.




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life without horses I don’t think so

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