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I am excited to highlight Grey Theory LLC and Kasey Evans as part of the Trainers that Built Me project.


Catherine Michele Photography is a Virginia equine photographer who launched a passion project highlighting riding instructors and how much they do for our horse community. This project “The Trainers That Built Me” was inspired by all of the trainers that dedicate so much time and energy to their students and go above and beyond to help create the thriving local Hampton Roads horse community that we have.


Grey Theory LLC


Kasey had a phenomenal nomination to be a part of the Trainers that Built Me passion project! Her session theme was based on her new business, Grey Theory LLC, since she has quite a few grey horses. I was so excited when she told me she wanted to try to get a shot with all of them. If you know me, then you know I was up for the challenge!


Luckily we had plenty of extra hands to help and we got some great shots! Before I share some of my favorites, I have to include some excerpts from Kasey’s nomination!


“Kasey taught me the ins and outs of horsemanship, barn management, bringing along green horses, how to (and how not to) handle conflict, the intricacies of segregating a friendship from a professional relationship, and recognizing that all things look different through the eyes of others. All of these skills have made me a better horsewoman but I was also able to apply them to improve my relationship with my husband and non-horsey friends and elevate my career.”


“Kasey makes things happen for those who work hard for it. She rewards good horsemanship and dedication with extra riding time. She finds opportunities for people to buy or lease good horses within their financial means and is exceptional at pairing a horse and rider. Kasey also goes the extra mile to fix a pairing when it doesn’t end up quite as planned. Kasey loses sleep thinking about how to improve her student’s riding or ensure the show schedule for the year will be flexible enough to give everyone an opportunity to attend. She is at the barn 7 days a week working for and with her students and their horses. Her dedication and passion for excellence go above and beyond on a daily basis.”


Here are some of my favorites from Kasey’s session.


grey theory llc

“She introduced me to Thoroughbred Makeover which has given me the opportunity to explore my love of volunteering with a non-profit and opened up a path for me to become a show steward. She introduced me to USEF and USHJA which has led me to get involved with the Adult Horsemanship Quiz Challenge which has pushed me to new levels of knowledge in horsemanship.”

grey theory llc

“My favorite thing about being one of Kasey’s students is the positive atmosphere and camaraderie that is present at Bridlewood. There is no tolerance for bullying, elitism, or poor horsemanship. We are all expected to work hard and to help each other be successful.”

grey theory llc

Find out more about Kasey here: https://www.bridlewoodfarmva.com/our-team/

Location | Bridlewood Farm – Chesapeake, VA


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