Goodbye Before Pony Finals
Brinkleigh & Joey

goodbye before pony finals

Goodbye Before Pony Finals

Brinkleigh and Dorian Grey aka “Joey” met at pony finals in 2021 and the family decided he needed to come home with them. They spent a year together and qualified for pony finals in 2022! The sad part of this story is that they had to say goodbye after they showed in Kentucky this year, so we scheduled a portrait session to say goodbye before pony finals.

The weather thankfully ended up cooperating for us and it stopped raining right before we started! Although it was 98% humidity, everyone survived and we got some great images! Join us as we embark on a visual journey that celebrates the bond between Brinkley and Joey. We invite you to explore the gallery below, where you’ll find a selection of timeless portraits that capture the essence of their journey to the renowned Pony Finals.


A portrait session as a part of saying goodbye before pony finals.


goodbye before pony finals

These two are so cute together!

goodbye before pony finals

Brinkley, dressed in a stunning blue jumpsuit from the esteemed Apricot Lane Boutique in Virginia Beach, brought an additional touch of sophistication to the scene. The jumpsuit not only perfectly complemented her radiant smile but also added an element of timeless elegance to the portraits.

goodbye before pony finals


As an equestrian photographer, it is an honor to document these cherished moments for riders like Brinkley and their equine companions. Through my lens, I strive to capture the spirit and connection that exist between humans and horses, freezing these heartfelt emotions in time.



Location | Steadfast Farm – Virginia Beach, VA



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