Emily & Bella
Equestrian Bridal Portraits - Chesapeake, VA

This is one of my favorite sessions to date! One of my good friends, Emily, didn’t own a horse when she got married a year ago. Just this year she adopted a mare, Bella, from New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. Bella is the barn favorite with the sweetest in-your-pocket personality and not to mention she is gorgeous! We both decided bridal portraits with Bella were a must-do, so we picked a date and put it on the calendar! After all, what girl doesn’t want bridal portraits done with her horse!?

The morning of the session it was freezing, cloudy, windy and just plain gloomy! We kept our fingers crossed that the weatherman was correct and the sun would come out later in the day. Thankfully he was right! Although it was still cold and a little windy, we had gorgeous light! Emily brought out her beautiful wedding dress (that still fits perfectly after a year) and we headed out to the pasture for some photos. You can’t even tell by looking at the pictures that it was 44 degrees and windy, and Bella was so good for being so young. Also, a big thank you to Michelle and Addie for being great assistants! And the best thing about doing bridal portraits after the wedding is they can be shared right away! Here are some (ok…a lot!) of my favorites!

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