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Military Homecoming

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You may recognize Todd, Nichole and Kennedy from my other blog posts (Nichole’s maternity, Kennedy’s newborn, and their family session)…they’re pretty much my #1 clients! When Nichole asked me to take homecoming pictures I was so excited! We finally had a definite date for Todd’s return (after it changed the usual 175938753 times) and we headed to the airport on a Monday night to soon welcome Todd home (so we thought)! Upon our arrival, we met the other families at one end of the empty airport where we thought the guys would be walking through the doors to meet us at any moment! A few minutes before the landing time we had been told, someone told us they would be coming in downstairs.

So, after Kennedy got her flag ready, had a bottle, looked for planes landing by the windows and did some yoga (she has a pretty impressive downward dog btw), we excitedly headed downstairs!

After standing around for a few minutes, text messages started to come in! The guys had just landed…in Maine!! As you can see, the families were less than thrilled to find out it would be another 2 and a half hours until they arrived! You’ve gotta love the great planning and communication.

After changing Kennedy into her pajamas and making a run to Chick-fil-a, we all gathered downstairs again to finally welcome everyone home!

Still clueless to exactly where the guys would be entering the airport, we looked around trying to figure it out for ourselves. Out of the blue they started entering from a door in the corner! I love Nichole’s expressions as she waits to see Todd walk through the door from the runway!

And at last they can head home! I am so happy for this family to be whole again!

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