Catherine Michele Photography
New logo!

catherine michele photography new logo

Catherine Michele Photography – New Logo!

You may have noticed Catherine Michele Photography has a fancy new logo and I am so excited to share a little more about it!

I worked with SP Rhodes, an equestrian branding company that is amazing at what they do!

catherine michele photography new logo

Below is a little more about my logo by my design team.

“Foundations…The idea behind effective equestrian logo design is threefold:

  1. Attract attention through original and beautiful design
  2. Encourage conversation about the design and surprise admirers with the hidden elements
  3. Celebrate the engagement; people pay for engagement so creating it repeatedly with one thing that generates multiple positive impressions is a true win!
catherine michele photography new logo


This new logo for Catherine Michele Photography was fun because we wanted to add an equestrian flair to a monogram style logo without being overly obvious.

Upon first glance, the horse head is the first obvious element of this design. This is intentional; we want the audience to first understand this is an equestrian brand.

The second element noted will be the CM monogram, the design as a sum of its parts.

The third element is the bottom of a hoof. The frog, composed of both a collateral and central groove forms the descending lines in the letter M.

While abstract, there is intention behind this the hoof metaphor. Progress, moving forward, purposeful steps, solid foundation. No hoof, no horse. A viable, intelligent equestrian brand does the same thing; it can either support your efforts or hinder them. Catherine is strong and ready to showcase the meaning behind her purpose.”

catherine michele photography new logo


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