Addie & Shrek
Equestrian Session - Chesapeake, VA

Getting portraits taken with Shrek was always something Addie wanted to have done, but it was one of those things that wasn’t on the top of the to-do list…until recently, after losing a barn-mate very unexpectedly. Suddenly, after experiencing the loss of a person or animal close to you, life seems so short and you are reminded that every day is a blessing not to be taken for granted. You are reminded there is no guarantee of more tomorrows and no guarantee you will have time to make more memories. So, we set things into motion and made this happen! After rescheduling once, in hopes for a cooler day and no thunderstorms, we were lucky to have great weather and temperatures that felt much cooler than the 100+ degrees we had the day before the session. Addie and Shrek were so great to work with last Wednesday evening.

Equine photography sessions are my favorite. I love documenting and sharing the bond between people and their horses. Addie and Shrek are one of those pairs that have that intangible connection. After spending just a few minutes with them, you can see how close these two are. Shrek’s ears perk up when he hears the sound of Addie’s voice (and of course to the sound of any kind of treats that she spoils him with). Even under saddle these two share a bond that many envy. Thank you Addie for the opportunity to make these photos for you that I know you will cherish forever!

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